Harshvardhan P. Salian

My journey with Dr Abhishek Abhishek Nerurkar is quite a fruitful one. I was diagnosed with a scaphoid bone fracture. To which I was been given two options, one keeping a cast on for 4 months and hope that it heals by itself or go in for surgery. I opted for the surgery as I didn’t want any further risk of a noun union of the bone.

Going into the surgery I was quite apprehensive, as it was my first surgery of any kind. The surgery went pretty smoothly, without any complications.

As per the protocol, I had to keep a cast on for a month or so for the healing process and then physiotherapy. While I write this testimonial, I’m currently going through the physiotherapy process. The only thing I got to hear from the physiotherapist was that Dr Abhishek has done a clinical job with this surgery. Usually, the clients he gets with a similar case have substantial issues whereas mines positive.

The doctor has always been just a message or a call away, in case of any doubts or queries. I’d highly recommend Dr Abhishek Nerurkar.