Spinal Instability and Mechanical Back Pain

Spinal Instability is a condition that occurs when the intervertebral discs in the spine begin to degenerate.

The bulge of the disc decreases and begins to lose height. This causes the vertebrae to displace from its anatomical position and override the disc. It eventually produces friction between the vertebrae, causing pain and several other symptoms. The micro-movement within the spine irritates the nerves that emerge out of the joint spaces.

The condition may increase the risk of Spinal Arthritis and the development of bone spurs. Spinal Instability may also affect the ability of the spine to maintain the body’s structure and movement and gives rise to chronic back pain. This is often aggravated by movement or specific activities. Although there may or may not be nerve injury. Mild pain can be treated with bracing and exercise. If the severity increases, there may be a need to stabilize the spine with surgery.