Sports Injuries in Shoulder

Shoulder injuries are frequently caused by sports activities that involve repetitive and vigorous overhead motion. Sports like tennis, badminton, weightlifting, throwing activities and gymnastics etc. pose major risk to shoulder joint stability.

As mentioned shoulder is like golf tee due to its shape, and is inherently unstable joint due to its unique architecture. The joint is maintained by forces in surrounding structures, mainly the four rotator cuff muscles and their tendons; and also by tough fibrous tissues called as labrum. The labrum can get damaged or completely uprooted during forceful movements of the shoulder leading to the dislocations of the shoulder.

All throwers and overhead athletes are prone to shoulder problems. It may be ranging from mild niggling pain to frank dislocations and inability to move the arm. Dislocations In young individuals are associated with damage to structures around the shoulder which makes it prone to further dislocations

Treatment is based upon the specific structures damaged during injury. If there is primarily soft tissue damage, then the surgery can be done through arthroscope. If there is a neglect or delay in treatment leading to bone loss, then you may need an open surgery and bone transfer.