Ravindra Ratanjankar

I, Ravindra Ratanjankar, am a former Police Officer, an Assistant Commissioner of Police from Maharashtra State. This is my testimony to one of the best and ablest Doctors – Dr. Abhishek Nerurkar – who successfully performed a complicated operation, restructured and realigned my deformed right leg and ensured that I am able to jog and walk faster than usual, within a period of 6 months!

Dr. Suchit Dattopadhye and Dr. Paurus Joshi of Shree Datta Clinic, formally diagnosed the degenerative changes in my both the knees resulting in deformation in my lower limbs requiring that this disorder be addressed within a stipulated time frame in order to prevent further degeneration and deformity. They recommended Dr. Abhishek Nerurkar as the specialist for the knee, who would render the correctional medical treatment.

The prognosis in such cases is usually gradual bending of the lower part of the limb from knee downwards due to arthritis with a gradual increase in pain and deformity. The tricky problem was, the corrosion in my knees was not too severe to warrant a knee replacement and I would eventually have to wait for an advanced age to perform this operation thereby drastically limiting my physical activity. Having led a very active physical life this scenario to me, was appalling.

However, as recommended, I was placed in very good hands. Dr. Abhishek Nerurkar studied my case carefully and after discussion with Dr. Paurus Joshi recommended a ‘high tibial osteotomy’ of the right knee which was more severe of the two. The operation was difficult as my right leg would have to undergo entire structural change which would affect the balancing as well as the placement with respect to the hip to ankle axis. To straighten the right leg a wedge had to be opened in the lower right limb and fixed with plate and screws after correction of alignment !

The tricky and difficult operation was performed by Dr. Abhishek Nerurkar with utmost finesse and I was discharged within a period of 4 days since the surgery! It is quite singular that I did not experience any pain subsequent to the operation! Dr. Abhishek Nerurkar thereafter continued to monitor my case with care and diligence accommodating my visits in a manner so as to limit my travel to a minimum time. Within a period of 2 months I graduated from walking on leg to bearing weight on both legs. As promised by Dr. Nerurkar from the 6th month onwards I began attending office at Lower Parel. From the 7th month I was taking walks for about half an hour on every alternate day and in the 8th month I equaled my pre-operative timing of half jogging half walking 5 km within one hour!

The pre and post-operative x-rays and alignment show perfect alignment of the right leg in such a manner that the load now stands equally distributed across the knee joint and due to the faultless structuring, the operation of the left leg now stands deferred!!

This is a testimony to Dr. Abhishek Nerurkar’s unmatched expertise, diligent post-operative observation and care of his patient. Never have I seen Dr. Abhishek Nerurkar not give an appointment and having given an appointment not keep one! I have also not seen him become indifferent, irritable or annoyed. I will say this, Dr. Nerurkar’s proficiency, professionalism and his million dollar smile will have a solution and super successful treatment for all complicated and uncomplicated knee and hip related ailments!

I wish the excellent Dr. Nerurkar stupendous success and blessings from the Almighty!